News Of The Weird: Let’s Talk About Fight Club

By Beau ‘Ebo’ Thoreson
February 19, 2016 1:55 p.m.
MADISON, Wis — Don’t tell Tyler Durden, but I’m going to break a few rules and talk about Fight Club.
In today’s News Of The Weird, we travel to a darkened bar in the city of Chengdu. We’re not there for the beer, we just want in the “Monster Fight Club.”
Taxi drivers, school teachers and even white-collar workers get it in a small octagon and duke it out for $100 until their opponent calls it quits.
Listen below to (unless you’re Brad Pitt or Edward Norton) to here our discussion on Monster Fight Club. Honestly, I like my chances, well, unless I go against the 20% in attendance who are professional fighters. Even so, I’m scrappy and I highly doubt the pros can hurt the steel that I’m made up of.