So You Registered For Ironman…NOW WHAT?

It’s not all that uncommon – you spent some time on Ironman weekend checking out the Ironman village, maybe talking with some of the athletes, and of course watching the race. Eventually, you came to the conclusion that this is something you want to do. So, you nervously dragged yourself down to Monona Terrace on Monday morning and signed on the dotted line, took a selfie with the registration volunteer and plopped down your credit card…and now you’re IN!
But now what? What’s the next step in your journey to Ironman 2016?
Well, first off – don’t go all crazy.  You don’t want to jump into it with 20 mile runs…2 mile swims…and 100 mile rides.  Don’t worry, that stuff is all coming – you just want to do it at the appropriate time – this isn’t that time.
This is a good time to work on some of the things that we, as triathletes, often overlook – things like core strength, stability, and flexibility. These are things that a lot of triathletes really let slide when the swim, bike and run training starts getting a bit more intense after the first of the year | so now would be a good time to lay down a good base.
This is also a really good time to take a look at your weaknesses, and do a little work on improving upon them. I didn’t know how to swim when I registered for my first Ironman – so I used this time of the year to start with swim lessons. 
One more thing that you can do right now, that will really pay off later in your training – find yourself a coach or a training group. And you are really in luck…there a bunch of really good coaches and training groups in Madison. I’ve put together a list of some of them, with a little bit of information about each, to help you decide what might work best for you. This is by no means a complete list, but should at least get you pointed in the right direction. 

In alphabitical order (so as not to play any favorites)…


     Team BBMC offers personalized and team coaching for both local and remote athletes. They offer training to help the first timer take the thinking out of their training and planning, as well as helping athletes get to Kona. Team BBMC also offers Madison area Triathlon camps, with an early season camp focused more on developing skills and learning on all levels, as well as an Ironman Camp that is focused on preparing for a late season Ironman.
     E3 Coaching Madison offers individual coaching which includes an online training plan through Training Peaks software, 2 free face to face meetings, when signed on as a full time athlete, nutrition plan, strength and mobility plan, and additional coaching and group training class opportunities. Group opportunities include 10 indoor cycling classes per week throughout the winter at Wisconsin Indoor Cycling, also strength, recovery, stretching and mobility instruction, as well as swim classes (in the pool over the winter/open-water during tri-season).

     Endurance House offers a year-long training program that starts in October and runs through the end of September. Endurance house works with people training for their first-ever sprint-distance triathlon…all the way up to Ironman. Learn more about Endurance House programs at informational sessions on Thursday, September 17 or Thursday September 24 at 6pm at Endurance House Middleton.

    IRONWORX Multisport is an inclusive endurance sports team focused on creating a non-intimidating atmosphere for triathletes of all skill levels. Started by normal people with busy lives, kids, and day-jobs just like you, IRONWORX is a family-friendly team for anyone needing a tight-knit group of friends to train with, race with, and celebrate with. 

     Jackie and Mark Hering have over 15 years combined triathlon experience and lifelong experience in sports. They have each competed in multiple Ironman events and each have raced at the Ironman World Championships in Kona. They understand what work needs to be done to be successful in this sport. They have each coached athletes to successful Ironman, half-Ironman and shorter triathlon and running races. They work on the mind-set of triathlon as a lifestyle and keeping training and racing fun.

     Madison Multisport offers training plans that are personalized for every individual, plus group practices and team training opportunities, including bike and run coaching as well as swim technique and open water classes. Each program is tailored to the athlete based on their experience, what they are training for, and time available for training,

     Did you just register for your first Ironman? Or are you ready to set that dream PR? Jump on board with SBR and make it YOUR year! SBR offers an 11 month Ironman coaching with power program, pre-evaluation of your swim, bike and run, metobolic testing for nutritional efficiency, performance cycling classes and group rides, open water swim practices, group runs, bicycle tune-ups from Rocket Bikes, a team race-kit, Training Peaks premium account, and bicycle and accessory discounts. Learn more about SBR at an open house on Thursday, September 24, 5:30 | 7:30pm, or on Sunday, September 27, 3:00 | 5:00pm

     SPEED CYCLING in Fitchburg offers a great indoor cycling season for athletes to ride on Computrainers and enjoy periodized cycling training with power. The fall/winter schedule offers 20 performance cycling sessions per week included in a single membership! SPEED has great cycling and triathlon coaches and should be your “go-to” destination for structured indoor cycling, no matter if you are a beginner or elite cyclist. Learn more about SPEED CYCLING at an open house on Thursday, September 24, 6:00 | 9:00pm