Love To Ride Madison!

Love to Ride Madison is a simple challenge, designed to get “more butts on bikes” is what Zac Barnes from the Wisconsin Bike Fed told me. Ultimately, the challenge is about spreading the joy of bicycling to as many people as possible…whether it’s for fun, exercise or purely as a mode of transportation.  As I write this, Love to Ride Madison currently has 56 organizations and 560 individuals participating in the challenge.

The process is simple…


1) Register! 
2) Log any ride of 10 minutes or more!
3) Recruit friends and colleagues to join the challenge!
4) Win great prizes!

Yes, there is a chance to win prizes! Anything from ice cream…to beer…to a new bicycle…to a cycling trip to New Zealand! And there are team prizes too…including a brand new Bicycle Rack for your office…bike lights for the whole crew…an office pizza party…and more!

The Love to Ride Madison challenge lasts through the end of September. Learn more on the Love to Ride Madison website.