Iron Cowboy 50-50-50



The Iron Cowboy is coming to Madison!  If you follow any Madison area active sports social media groups, you know what I’m talking about | if not, let me introduce you to James “The Iron Cowboy” Lawrence.  James is in the middle of a record setting journey that has him doing 50 Iron-distance triathlons…in 50 different states..IN 50 CONSECUTIVE DAYS!  James brings his 50-50-50 challenge to Madison this Thursday!

James is a husband and father of five, who hails from Utah.  He already holds two world records, one for finishing 30 full Ironman 140.6 races in one year, and one for completing 22 half-Ironman races in 30 weeks.  The 50-50-50 challenge takes things to a whole new level, he started his quest in Hawaii on June 6, 2015, and the Madison stop will be his 41st Ironman in a row.  He’s taking on the challenge to raise awareness and attention for the fight against childhood obesity.  

100% of donations will go the the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, an organization working to fight childhood obesity through better food, encouraging more cooking at home as well as better, freshly cooked meals in schools.  With the Food Revolution Truck, the foundation offers hands-on training to instill food skills and knowledge to local schools, church halls, community and healthcare centers, and the workplace.

The Iron Cowboy’s Madison portion of the 50-50-50 challange starts at 7am on Thursday, with a 2.4 mile swim at Law Park (same place as the official Ironman swim).  Next James will move across the street to Brittinham Boats, which will serve as the start and end point for both the 112 mile bike ride and the 26.2 mile run portion of the day.  If you would like to join the Iron Cowboy for a portion of the run and help raise money for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, you are encouraged to take part in the “Family Friendly 5k” portion of the day.  It’s exactly what it sounds like | a family friendly run, starting at the main entrance to Henry Vilas Zoo.  That portion of the run should start at about 7pm.

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