Boston Strong!

o.k., it wasn’t my strongest race ever, but it was…BOSTON STRONG!

The morning started with a 4:30am wake-up call, followed by a police-escorted bus ride to Boston.  In Boston I had the pleasure of standing around for a good hour in the cold before finally running into my friend Krista.  We then boarded the bus to Hopkinton | for a ride that seemed much more than 26 miles!


There’s Krista trying to stay warm in Hopkinton before the start of the race

More waiting in Hopkinton, but at least there was food and drink!  Finally our wave was called and we made the mile-long walk to the actual start line.  By this point the rain and the wind had not started…but it was cold.  As the race started for our wave, the rain also started and the wind kicked up.  

We were warned (repeatedly) not to go out to fast | but it was hard to keep it slower than an 8 min./mile pace, with the downhill, the kids asking for high-fives, and the excitement of the day.

By about mile 10 I was paying for the fast start, but Wellsley college gave me a bit of a boost | college women lining the streets with signs that read “kiss me, I’m…”  I stopped and hugged the woman with the “Kiss me, I’m from Madison” sign!

At about mile 17 I ran into my friend Susan, whose husband was running.  I also heard a few others yell my name at about the same point, but never figured out where the shouts came from | so if you were there cheering, I apologize for not seeing you.  

It it was at about mile 19 where the wheels completely fell off and I started to make deals with myself | “run to the stop sign and you can walk a block” 

Honestly, the dreaded “Heartbreak Hill” was not nearly as bad as promised, we have much worse hills in the Madison area.  

I completely missed Laura (my wife) at mile 25, but I was able to put together a decent last mile before the emotional finish.

I think I finished almost exactly about the time the bombs went off 2 years ago | they called for a moment of silence just after I finished, followed by the loudest cheer you have ever heard.