City Fed Up With Winter




Outside of farmers, I’m probably one of the few people walking around with a big smile on my face because of all the rain in the forecast.  You see, I have a general rule that I borrowed from a motorcycle rider friend of mine.  He never takes his bike out in the spring, until AFTER two good rains.  He tells me that it takes two good rains to clean all the salt and other muck off the roads…and he doesn’t want that stuff messing up his motorcycle.  

I would guess that my bicycle is probably a little more fragile than his motorcycle (and I think it’s more valuable), so I have used the same rule for riding for many years now.  While my bike stays clean and in good working order, it can still be frustrating at this time of the year.  The weather is getting warmer, but the roads are still not clean after a long hard Wisconsin winter.  So, as I said, the rain in the forecast makes me smile, because…


With that in mind, how about one last indoor ride?  This Sunday (April 12) is the Wisconsin Bike Fed’s first ever “Fed Up With Winter” indoor cycling party!  A great opportunity to shake out your legs and get ready for some great spring bicycling!  You can join an indoor cycling class at any of three Madison cycling studios, get in a great workout…and you might even win a Saris/CycleOps PowerBeam Pro Trainer!

Participating studios include Speed Cycling, Wisconsin Indoor Cycling and Paceline Indoor Cycling.

I had a chance to preview a class at Paceline last week and was pleasantly surprised when I learned that Paceline is the brainchild of Becky Statz.  I’ve done a lot of riding with Becky’s husband Yamil, at Capital Brewery and Trek Cycling Club rides.  I was happy to see several familiar faces from the clubs riding at Paceline!

The studio itself, is in an unassuming little strip-mall on the west side of Madison (601 N. Whitney Way), but when you walk through the door, the classic bicycle posters hanging on the walls immediately put you in the mood to ride.  And then you enter the cycling room – filled with top-of-the line CycleOps 300 Pro indoor bikes, classic rock music playing on the sound-system, and on the night that I was there, the 2014 Paris-Roubaix race playing on the big screen behind the instructor.  I have to admit that I did get a little distracted by the race at one point in the workout – there was a follow-cam at the end of a pace-line and I literally felt like I was part of the race and completely lost track of Becky’s workout for a few minutes.  

Becky took us through a nice warm-up, some single-leg drills, and then a series of hill-climbs for the main workout.  The CycleOps indoor bikes gave plenty of feedback to help me through the workout – including my cadence and watts. I didn’t hook up a heart-rate monitor, but that was also available, and I am told that I can download all the information from the entire workout straight to my computer through fitness apps like Strava in order to truly track my progress over time.  

In the end, I’m really happy to have discovered Paceline Indoor Cycling and I know you’ll like it too – come join in the fun at Fed Up With Winter on April 12.  You’ll discover a great place to ride and support the Wisconsin Bike Fed in the process! 

As a special bonus | Becky has agreed to allow me to take over one of the classes at Paceline on Sunday.  I haven’t decided how hard I’m going to work you…I guess it just depends how I’m feeling after Saturday’s Mad City 50k race!

Learn more, and register for a class, on the Wisconsin Bike Fed website.