Your Greatest Run Ever!


When I opened the mail yesterday, one piece of mail grabbed my attention – it was from the Boston Athletic Association!  I am qualified for, and running in the 2015 Boston Marathon! Tearing open the envelope, I found my official “2015 Boston Marathon Runner Passport” with my ticket to the pre-race dinner, a course map, information on the race expo (I love race expos!), 26 things to do & see in Boston, BAA favorite restaurants, race-day transportation information, start-times, parking information, post-race party information (at Fenway Park!!!), and…

MY BIB #, WAVE #, and CORRAL #    

And now it’s all official! I will be running the 2015 Boston Marathon as #13484, starting in wave 2, corral 2.  As they mentioned several times in the literature – it will be my “Greatest Run Ever!”


You might think that the Runner Passport is the best thing in the package from the Boston Athletic Association – but no, there was more.  Also included in the package is the official merchandise catalog.  And if you think people are spending money on Badger Final 4 stuff…you should see the Boston Marathon catalog.  How about a $75 t-shirt?  Shorts for $65? The 2015 Official Boston Marathon Anthem Jacket…$110!  Ladies – I can get you an official Boston Marathon sports bra for just $45!  There’s an Official Boston Marathon Finisher’s Trophy Replica for $200!  The Official Boston Marathon Treadmill – the price isn’t listed, I will need to stop by booth #1720 at the expo.  I do know the price of the Boston Marathon Ring | $250, Charm | $50 for sterling silver, $275 for yellow gold, and Christmas ornament – a bargain at $25!

So please excuse me if I show up at the Final 4 party this weekend wearing a Badger Rose Bowl sweatshirt from 1994 – I need to save up for Boston! (besides – that ’94 Rose Bowl shirt is my lucky shirt!)